Client Testimonials for Phil Kornachuk

"As an endurance athlete, working with Phil greatly helped me improve strength and durability. He is a master at total athlete training. The best part about working with him was seamless blending of atypical training with traditional fitness methodology. Never boring, always improving. Highly recommended!" - Maggie Smiedala

"LTC Kornachuk is an outstanding example of functional fitness. He emphasized form, challenge and deliberate planning to continually elevate one's strength, endurance, flexibility and power. Phil challenged me not just to do the work, but also to think about what I was training for and how to best prepare. His training regimens were critical to me excelling in my
current career field and helping me train soldiers today." - 1LT Chris German

"I trained with Phil for over 2 years. His focus on total fitness was a crucial part of me as a leader and athlete and helped prepare me physically and mentally as a US Army Engineer Officer and Sapper Leader Course Honor Graduate. His influence has shaped my fitness mentality. He is detailed, realistic and goal focused - train with him!" - Levi Natwick

"“Phil was an exceptional physical trainer, both for individuals and groups. His ability to customize programs to meet athletes at their current state and map out a path to exceed their physical goals was super helpful. Phil is 100% focused on the athlete and their success. He has a wealth of knowledge on how to become stronger, faster and a more functional athlete. Phil helps with more than just fitness by motivating athletes to create a balanced, healthy and purposeful life.” – Hannah Winner