Client Testimonials for Li Xia

Training with Li Xia is an excellent experience! She has helped me develop a balanced strengthbuilding routine, which has increased my muscle strength and flexibility throughout my whole body. I?m particularly grateful for her effective work at teaching me how to fix my back and shoulder pain. Her knowledge and ability regarding both weight training and yoga is expert.  ~ Leif Bullock

Excellent trainer, the best I have ever. Very patient and very good yoga teacher. A good friend to share the life.  ~ Brooks Ma

Li Xia used to be my personal trainer in Shanghai for several years. She is very experienced and manages to create a interesting training schedule to always motivate me to continue with my efforts. Training With her brought very good results and was always fun. I can strongly recommend her.  ~ Marcus Wassmuth

Li Xia was my trainer and we still keep in touch now. She is friendly and enthusiastic. She commands a wide range of sports. It's enjoyable to exercise with her.  ~ Yuebao Wu

Li Xia is the best personal coach who I meet! She is not only professional in kinds of fields in fitness but also very very nice, positive, sincere and patient! We have been good friends!  ~ Echo Sun

She is very nice teacher as I know.  ~ Junhua Wang