Client Testimonials for Elissa Helligas

"I think the key to bring a great personal trainer is being able to find that the perfect balance between having the knowledge and motivating drive to push you just right in order to achieve your health and body goals and having the right amount of understanding and charisma to still make you feel good about where you and what your body's telling you before achieving those goals. Elissa successfully maintains that balance masterfully. Add to that the bonus of getting to enjoy fantastic sense of humor, and you really don't have a reason not to choose her. I couldn't recommend her more highly."                         Kevin Dunleavy
"I have been training with Elissa for almost a year, but consistently for the last 6 months. She tailors every session, taking into consideration any injuries as well as personal goals. I love that Elissa motivates me the whole time and also doesn't waste any time. She keeps me working! I was also encouraged by Elissa to put the scale away a few months ago, and I did. I have been feeling stronger and more comfortable lately, and I did pull the scale out. I have lost 15lbs!"                                                                         Kacey Aumack
"I absolutely love working out with Elissa, she makes it funn ! She always answers my questions and truly cares about my goals.She has helped me be more confident and comfortable not just with weight training but also within myself. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she’s doing, and the results I am seeing are proof 💪🏼 this is the first investment I made in my health and it’s been worthwhile. I would highly recommend working with Elissa."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sim Grewel