Client Testimonials for Brian Karsten

Brian is an excellent trainer! He listens to your goals and puts together a plan that pushes you towards them. He is very knowledgeable about the technical and the scientific sides of working out which helps you really understand why you're doing each exercise. His personality is warm and inviting and keeps your spirits up throughout the workout. I highly recommend fitology training for all your fitness goals!"

- Cheryl Scollo

“Approximately two years ago, frustrated with my current work out regimen and knowing I needed help, I was introduced to Brian. Brian took the time to ask questions, assess my limitations and created a plan to not only break through my plateau, but exceed my expectations of how an exceptionally talented professional could help me accomplish and exceed my exercise goals. His powerful and unique workouts provide motivation to push forward while also giving you physiological and psychological tools to create a stronger, positive self image. Brian taught me there isn't anything I can’t accomplish through positive attitude, perseverance, and good old fashioned sweat. Whether you are just starting your exercise journey, recommitting yourself to a better you, or an athlete ready to get an edge on your competition, Brian will escalate your program to the next level and beyond. I am eternally grateful for you Brian! Thank you for all you have done for me!"

- Marcella P. Renner

“I have worked with Brian once a week for the last 5 years. His workouts have always showed a great variety and are very challenging. He always tries to tailor my workouts to what my specific goals are. As an ex college athlete, who is in his 40’s now, I attribute my over health and fitness level to the training I have received from Brian. I would recommend him to any person looking to better their overall fitness and strength level."

- Ryan Buller

McMinnville Gas

 I have been working with Brian for nearly 7(?) years and I can definitively say he is the best of the best. He has helped me make huge strides in both my physical fitness and my self-confidence and mental wellbeing.

Before I met Brian, I was not in great shape and was very unsure of myself. I didn’t know much about exercise and would almost never go to the gym because I was self-conscious and nervous about not knowing what to do. Through Brian’s training and coaching I have learned more than I ever expected, and my attitude towards working out and life in general has completely changed.

As a trainer, Brian is amazing at finding your limits and motivating you to push them. I have never left a session with him thinking “That was good, but I could probably have worked out a little harder.” I am continually impressed by his knowledge and his passion to help and inspire, and he has helped me surpass all my fitness goals.

In conclusion, not only is Brian an amazing trainer and coach in the gym, but he has given me knowledge, skills, and confidence which I have been able to take out of the gym and apply to all aspects of my life. He is an excellent trainer and overall great guy, and I can’t recommend him enough."

- Logan Wood

“Brian Karsten has been a personal athletic trainer for close to 11 years. During most of that time, Brian has worked on helping me in various important aspects of my physical education, nutrition and kinetic strength training. At the beginning of our training activity, Brian asked about the goals that were to be set. As I had just turned 55 years of age, Brian agreed that basic healthy and motor skills were good focus areas. I am happy to report that over the years, my balance has improved enough that open ocean paddle boarding has turned into a terrific way to enjoy the ocean. My stamina for downhill skiing and ability to react quickly have also both been enhanced more than I would have thought possible. These enhanced abilities are a direct result of Brian’s college training in physiology and health. Now 24 pounds lighter than originally weighing in and 15 % more muscle mass as measured by the latest technology, I am beyond pleased with the work that Brian has had me do. Brian brings a unique ability to spot areas of improvement -unlike most trainers- and also possesses a positive attitude that is infectious. The time and money spent in physical training has added years to my enjoyment of physical hobbies of paddle boarding and skiing as well as day to day chores. There is no question that the fee paid for his professional training has been well worth the investment. Brian and his efforts have definitely added to my quality of life and, I believe, extended how long that life will be!"

- Peter Northrup

Owner: Northrup Corporation

“Brian Karsten has been my personal trainer for the last 6 years. The experience has been great. His one hour sessions covered all of the areas of conditioning that were important to me. These included balance, flexibility, core strength, cardio, posture, and memory. What stands out for me is the range of exercise routine he brought to each session. It made them challenging and interesting. He adapted to my level of fitness and helped me improve my fitness in each of the areas I have listed. On top of all this Brian is a first class person. We developed a friendship that I value and know will last."

- Bob Harrison

CEO: Western Pacific Building Materials Inc

“Brian Karsten worked as a personal trainer with my two teenaged children for several years. They had both struggled for a long time to find an athletic activity that they could really enjoy. They had tried all sorts of team and individual sports, from soccer to swimming to rock climbing, but nothing seemed to sustain their interest for long. My son is also on the autistic spectrum, which made finding a coach with the patience and empathy to work with him quite a challenge. When my kids started to work with Brian, though, something changed. They actually wanted to go to workouts! He built strong relationships with both, inspiring them with his love of athletics, and teaching them about good fitness and wellness practices. He also shared their love for video games, so they always had a lot to talk about. Brian is a great trainer who also has a knack for connecting with teenagers. He is reliable, trustworthy, creative, and kind. We highly recommend him."

- Amy Hunn

“It was my good fotrune to train with Brian Karsten two times a week for over eight years!  Brian was always enthusiastic and he encouraged me to do more than I thought possible.  He made exercising fun!  He helped me in all areas of my fitness... cardio, balance and core strength.  The variety of exercises that he introduced were amazing.  I would strongly recommend Brian.  Brian has become a good friend and I value his friendship."

- Janis Harrison